No More Labor Intensive Copy/Pasting Clinical Trial Data.



Create trial "collections" that define the set of trial documents relevant to your work using any combination of faceted search and pattern matching. All important data elements in can be used to slice and dice the landscape of relevant trial documents.

Once created, trial collections persist and can be re-used for alerting and as the basis for comparison to other collections in your portfolio.


TrialIO integrates content from multiple sites into a single comprehensive platform. Sources include, FDA' Bioresearch Monitoring Information System, CMS Open Payments, and the World Cities  database for country, city, and state populations and geographic coordinates.


TrialIO provides on-the-fly aggregate analysis of all trial features. Visual output (bar, line, pie, tabular) allows you to see the complex landscape of clinical trials for any disease, intervention, and sponsor. Aggregate or source content is easily downloaded to Comma Separate Files using the TrialIO download widget.

Our Story

TrialIO is the brainchild of Ron Ranauro, an experienced software entrepreneur and computer scientist.
After experiencing the pain of wrangling spreadsheets of clinical data on behalf of a consulting client, he decided there had to be a better way.  In 2015 Ron and a small team of developers set out to create the TrialIO platform so that non-programmers could easily mine and interact with clinical trial data.

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Use Cases

Site/Investigator Selection

Search by disease and/or geographic location to identify candidate sites and investigators actively recruiting patients for trials similar to your own.

Competitive Intelligence and monitoring

Search by disease, drug or sponsor to quickly see the active pipeline of clinical trials. Be alerted by the system to new trials and changes to history of existing trials.

compare study designs

Filter search results by any study design parameter to identify novel applications of biomarkers, drugs, and gene targets. 


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