Time is right for Worcester Area CEO and Founder Meetup

Startup activity is emerging as a major trend in Worcester, evidenced by ten24, Bluefin, Bluestream, KBioBox and many others moving into the city. At the same time co-working spaces are popping up all over with IdeaLab, WCTI, RunningStart designed to provide support and provide space for emerging startups. The cities major institutions WPI Tech Advisors Network, Venture Forum, and the Chamber's Startup Worcester among others are actively sponsoring events designed to promote entrepreneurship in Worcester. In recognition of this, a serious online magazine Axios included Worcester in its roundup of the Top 10 emerging start-up hubs in the nation.

Its never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in Worcester.

Startup founders and CEO face unique management and personal challenges that go beyond office space, encouragement, and business coaching. For many entrepreneurs business milestones such as securing outside financing, organizing a board, running offsite meetings, hiring beyond the first ring of founders is both exhilarating and overwhelming.

There is a first time for everything and for founders going through it, this experience is surely hard-won, and therefore highly valuable experience to share with peers who might be faced with a similar challenge for the first time.

I conceived the Worcester Area Founder and CEO Meet Up as a way for startup leaders to meet on regular basis, share experiences, and learn from each other. As a former venture backed CEO, I'll moderate and facilitate the events and try to foster discussion among the group. Each meeting will allow for time to cover a topic important to startup CEO's in depth. Example topics include financing strategy and financial management, sales and marketing, hiring, and so on. We'll use case studies wherever possible and provide room for 1 or more founder/CEO's to share a challenge they are facing and get feedback from the group.


Welcome to Incite Advisors, Inc.

Inspired by my creative adult children (painter, dancer, film maker) and after nearly 20 years of working the business side of data startups, I decided to return to where I started and relearn the craft of software engineering. It turns out, its like riding a bike, you never forget. But, the tools have changed, a lot! Since 2011, when not providing business advice or coding for hire, I've spent all free minutes coding my brains out. The results of this effort can be seen in TrialIO.com and LifeScience.io.

Data Products and Web Development Services

Globally, I'm interested in data business opportunities in healthcare and life science. Locally, I workd with the local developer community to provide generalist web development solutions. 

Blog Topics

Here at the blog we'll share what we've learned about building data products and changing web development best practices. The topics will be either business or technology. For example, we'll discuss the various business models for monetizing data products, or describe the latest trends in modern web technology frameworks. Along the way we'll try to separate out the argon. We'll also post news and events related to the business here.

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