Welcome to Incite Advisors, Inc.

Inspired by my creative adult children (painter, dancer, film maker) and after nearly 20 years of working the business side of data startups, I decided to return to where I started and relearn the craft of software engineering. It turns out, its like riding a bike, you never forget. But, the tools have changed, a lot! Since 2011, when not providing business advice or coding for hire, I've spent all free minutes coding my brains out. The results of this effort can be seen in TrialIO.com and LifeScience.io.

Data Products and Web Development Services

Globally, I'm interested in data business opportunities in healthcare and life science. Locally, I workd with the local developer community to provide generalist web development solutions. 

Blog Topics

Here at the blog we'll share what we've learned about building data products and changing web development best practices. The topics will be either business or technology. For example, we'll discuss the various business models for monetizing data products, or describe the latest trends in modern web technology frameworks. Along the way we'll try to separate out the argon. We'll also post news and events related to the business here.

Get In Touch

If you have an idea for a data product, but you need resources and expertise, email me directly here.