turns 10

Support for Clinical Trial Professionals

Recently, marked its 10 year anniversary of existence. 

For a couple years, we've been researching and developing a clinical trials search and analysis web application, a sort of "LexisNexis" for clinical trials.

As mentioned in the article, the FDA requires that pharma companies report clinical trial activities at Thus, actively mining this resource is a key component of any competitive intelligence or trial planning exercise.

The resource at is free, but making sense of the data requires lots of work.

There are some very good commercial databases, however their fees can limit access, and license fees are out of reach for many small and mid-size biotech, CRO, investor, and consultant end-users.  

And, while consultant reports provide in-depth analysis, we were told they are difficult to share and become quickly dated. Customers asked for a solution that is up-to-date, share-able AND cost-effective.

So, after nearly two years in development we are now launching to reserved-beta the TrialIO Platform.

Details on “TrialIO”:

  • Updated nightly
  • Combines trial, site and investigator data from NLM, FDA and CMS sources
  • Extended Drug, Target, and Biomarker annotations from the Therapeutic Target DB
  • Create custom search engines for any disease, drug, sponsor, or site.
  • Identify and chart top sponsors, collaborators, sites for any combination of disease terms
  • Any result can be securely shared
  • Content is downloadable to CSV

The market is very large. Our plans are to market directly and to pursue distribution partners.

Here is a short demo video: