Beta Update: New Trial Feasibility Report

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for your interest in the TrialIO project and your encouragement (and patience)! It means a lot to me.

With your help, the software is improving in user experience, stability, and features with each iteration.

Since I am connecting with clinical trial users each with unique and valuable input for the product and the community, I want to use this forum to share that knowledge and update you on the software changes and solicit feedback on features and use cases.

Latest Software Updates

Search interface:

Each successive search uses the results from the prior query as the starting point.

The idea is to start by casting a wide net, and then refine results to get the trials you want.

For example, type: obesity or overweight to pull in all the trials. Then filter using free-text, say insulin.

Navigate using the menus to explore the data and add additional filters, such as phase or agency class. The figures to the right of each term below the search bar show a count of the occurrences of the term in the set.

I created this short video to help get you started: TrialIO Search 101

Output Reports: Trial Feasibility

In response to user input, we have added Feasibility, Feasibility Summary, and ARM Report to the dropdown menu on the trials listing pane. These reports are downloadable to CSV.

I'll detail these further in an upcoming post.

Easy, labor saving reports is key to this products future success. Please hit the Share Your Feedback button below to suggest new reports or contact me directly.

One-click Sharing and Collaborating:

Once you have a result that you want to monitor and report on, you can share that result securely and privately with your group, or an individual within your group. (Automated alerting is coming soon...)

A "share by email" feature allows you to securely email a link to the result. The link is only accessible by the recipient.

Promotional Push

We are starting to actively get the word out. We created a demo video to introduce others to the concept and features of TrialIO. Please check the video out here TrialIO Demo and let me know what you think.

That's it for now. Reach out to me personally with any thoughts or questions! And have a great 2018!