Beta Update: Refining Clinical Trial Search Results

Last week was an amazing week for TrialIO's journey to market!

Thought Leadership

We submitted an article for peer review to a leading industry publication detailing our vision for how to use real data, not just site questionnaires to support site selection and investigator recruitment.

Click to see an example investigator profile in a new browser tab.

Please stay tuned for news on this development.

New Use Case: Precision medicine patient referral

And, we demonstrated to a leading precision medicine lab how to use TrialIO to 'tease' out and quickly gain insight into a comprehensive set of stage III, triple-negative breast cancer trials. More on this in an upcoming post.

Latest Software Updates:

Search interface:

We continue to advance the state-of the art.

Once the set of trials is less than 1000, a search bar appears on the trials listing pane.

The blue Search Fields button lets you control the which parts of the trial doc are used for the search.

In this .gif image, I'm looking in a collection or amnesia or dementia trials. My goals is to find trials with stroke in the inclusion criteria.

Starting from a result with 253 trials I type "stroke" to get 79 trials. Using the Search Fields button, I de-select all fields and see that the result reduces to only 2 (condition and intervention only). Adding "inclusion criteria" to the search gives me 25 trials with "stroke" in the inclusion criteria.

Click to open in a new browser tab.

Building on last weeks search video TrialIO Search 101, I created this short video TrialIO Search 102. The former focuses on initiating a search, and the latter shows how to explore and refine.

Promotional Push

If you have colleagues who would like to try the software, or even just follow along the discussion for now, please have them register for this update or contact me directly.