Beta Update: Geo Searching Trials, Investigators, and Sites

Thanks to everyone helping push this project forward, either via use and feedback, knowledge-able guidance, and most importantly encouragement and moral support!

Today we pushed Release Candidate #7 (RC7) to our public server. I believe we are nearing a commercial grade product in terms of data quality, ease of use, consistency of the app, frequency of updates, proper features, and robustness.

If you have not visited the site recently, please do so again. You may not recognize the product since Jan 3. but I think you will be pleased.

Here is a summary of the key use cases supported by TrialIO in RC7:

  • Search: Search results are iterative allowing new filters to be applied to the last result. Together with the ability to search only specific sections, ie., Inclusion Criteria, TrialIO approximates a workflow engine, without the need for computer programming.
  • Location Based Sorting: We added geographic coordinates for all sites and investigators. Search trials for a given disease and/or intervention, specify a reference country/city/state and get a list of trials and sites, sorted in ascending distance from the reference.

Taken together, these two features also make TrialIO a good fit for precision medicine clinical labswho need to find trials involving specific biomarkers for their patients.

  • Disease/Geographic Site identification: Search complex diseases and sort by geo coordinates, together with one-click to browse the investigators for any trial, see investigator histories, and quickly get their contact details into your spreadsheet.

For any disease query, the investigator with the most clinical trial experience for the search criteria is always sorted to the top. An easy and quick way to find the likely KOL for the disease area.

  • "My Investigators": A new "My Investigators" feature allows you to tag promising investigators and maintain your own searchable/browsable database from among 500K+ investigators in the database (300K+ annotated with one or more clinical trial).

Teams can add notes to investigators and the information will travel with the investigator record for other team members on the system to see. Of course, this knowledge is secured to your account and group privilege.

  • Feasibility and ARM Report Downloads: Robust, tabular download-able reports for trial planners are now easy to find on the left hand side menu.
  • Easily accessed, book-markable charts: Includes Trending, Overall Status, Eligibility, Study Design, Enrollment Rates, Number of Sites. A Pipeline Report is forthcoming. Beyond that, we need more user input and we can respond to requests for new visuals
  • Help: Near the top of every page, below the BreadCrumb, there is popup "Help" to explain the features of the page and guide you what to do next.

All of this is available from a simple, single Clinical Trial Search!

Thanks again for your interest and support and look forward to connect!