Beta Update: Video Library

In this latest update, I want update you on the progress as we commercialize TrialIO. Our next milestone is to announce availability of TrialIO to "Public-beta".

This "Public-beta" is the final step towards commercial release. We anticipate only 30-60 days in this phase of launch before calling it a "release". We feel confident we are ready for more users. If you or a colleague are interested, please register here.

If you haven't jumped on recently, you can do so here: TrialIO I hope you will be impressed with how far its come and many rough edges have been smoothed over!

Here are some updates on our upcoming launch:

To support our commercial launch, and with the suggestion of a number of beta sites we are focusing the product positioning on the Clinical Operations Professionals end user community.

TrialIO is the first Clinical Trial Search and Discovery platform made specifically for Clinical Operations Professionals. The solution integrates and curates content from multiple public data sources to provide a single comprehensive view of clinical trials, investigators, drugs, biomarkers, and targets.

White Paper
We drafted a white paper to provide the underlying vision for TrialIO and our vision for its future. 

More Videos
We are working on more videos to support the launch and "on-board" new users. You can check out the suite of promotional and how-to videos here.

That's all for now. Please stay tuned to this channel for more information on the state-of-art in Clinical Trials Search and Discovery!


Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash