Helping Trialists Plan Better Trials

Keeping up with clinical trials information is critical for clinical operations professionals (aka ClinOps). However, a productivity gap exists between unwieldy and disparate public trial search engines and clinical trial management solutions. TrialIO fills the productivity gap by providing a familiar search interface and a guided analytics engine to help ClinOps pros use data to find investigators and develop metrics to support their trial plans.

Most software solutions aimed at ClinOps professionals emphasize the execution and
controlling aspects of clinical projects. Lacking data in the earliest stage of trial planning, many trialists fallback to searching public registries to find investigators and develop metrics based on prior trial histories. Since the public registries are not integrated and were not made for this purpose the productivity of this solution is low. Consequently, ClinOps professionals are able to ask fewer questions and are forced to rely on experience and not data when defending trial timelines or recruiting investigators to support their efforts.

The TrialIO solution integrates content from multiple public data sources to provide a single comprehensive search. System reports are aligned to specific use cases initially investigator identification and profiling, and trial feasibility. The system provides quick and easy way to identify and test hypotheses to complement, not replace comprehensive intelligence databases.

A key aspect of the solution is to allow end-users to serve themselves with clinical trial empirical data. A “Guided Search” algorithm helps users understand their data and suggests new questions to promote discovery. For each search, the algorithm produces search results and a network of related topics for deeper exploration. The powerful yet simple interface integrates trials, investigators, drugs, biomarkers, and targets.

The system is securely delivered via the web. Industry standard security and authentication protocols protect users identities and the contents of their searches. Sharing and communication of results is facilitated within administrative groups on the system. For enterprises not comfortable participating in a multi-tenant hosted solution, a single-tenant hosting option is available.

To learn more about the vision and case for clinical operations productivity, download the white paper here.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash