Keeping track of clinical trial investigators

A recent article in Applied Clinical Trials shows that despite the perceived startup time advantages of recruiting familiar investigators, fully 30% of sites selected are new. Keeping track of investigators is vital, yet without automation this is a big challenge. 

To address this, we recently undertook a project to reconcile investigator records from, FDA/BMIS and CMS/Sunshine. Using data science techniques we are able to fill in addresses, merge, and de-duplicate across sources, preserving the context of the investigators related trial activity. We have annotated more than 300,000 investigators with at least 1 trial to their credit. Interestingly, 221,043 of these have just ONE trial, 47,047 were added in the last year. 75,699 have 2-5 trials and 14,481 have more than 5 trials. 

The value of the integration is to extend the annotation of an investigator record with the attributes of the trials they participated in. This allows search by disease, drug, target, biomarker, sponsor, and study protocol. 

Use this information to create a more informed survey questionnaire. An enriched survey will allow you ask better questions during the site visit and set you apart from competitors who send out blind surveys. 

You can read more about the project here: Ten Mistakes To Avoid When Integrating Clinical Trials and Investigator Repositories

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash