TrialIO: A Clin Ops Professional's Solution for Real-time Decision-making

The issues of poor recruitment to clinical trials and the best investigator sites are not contemporary ones. There is growing interest in understanding barriers to enrolling all eligible patients at clinical sites into clinical trials especially since public opinion generally supports participation in research. While systematic investigations are underway, Clin Ops professionals must keep studies moving forward, utilizing the best practices available to develop sustainable project management strategies. In some cases, barriers exist to getting the best available data for robust decision-making; in other cases, the data are freely available, but the tools needed to make use of the data are not easily accessible or affordable.

Good data should not be out of reach.

This is why I am pleased to work with Ron Ranauro and TrialIO on a new solution to enhance the quality of clinical program management. TrialIO brings a broad view of the clinical trial landscape while also focusing on the components of existing registered trials that are critical to the work of Clin Ops professionals. The disease-, trial, and investigator-level reports complement a research sponsor’s clinical market development strategies, trial design, and investigator selection activities. Archiving the reports in the trial master file supports the point-in-time decision-making. Data visualizations help sponsors, sites, and policymakers understand the health fields and the geographic locations where clinical trials are taking place, bringing awareness to the breadth of opportunities available to patients worldwide. However, the greatest value is the use of TrialIO for real-time integration in the clinical operations process. The platform works inline with on-going work, allowing Clin Ops professionals--and the broader research portfolio team--to focus resources on other complex or urgent areas. Spending time, money, and intellectual capital wisely is critical for program sustainability, especially when working in smaller clinical groups.

I look forward to learning from other clin ops professionals on how publicly available data are integrated into your clinical operations processes and how you leverage tools such as TrialIO to improve your decision-making.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash